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Your Future is in Your Hands!

Interested in a career as a construction craft Laborers Union Member? Skilled Laborers perform a wide array of construction activities In Minnesota, North Dakota, and are valuable members of any construction team. Laborers are often one of the first to arrive at the beginning of a project, and the last to leave a jobsite when it is turned over to the owner. Laborers work in all construction sectors: heavy and highway road and bridge construction, energy, commercial construction, environmental and specialty.

Finance & Commerce News Announces TOP PROJECTS 2015

Union Built Construction Jobsites Lead the Way
When Finance & Commerce News came out with its Top Projects awards for 2015, a strong representation of Union Built projects made the list once again. According to their criteria, projects are judged for their degree of difficulty, creativity in design, innovative construction techniques, cooperation among contractors and management and sustainable efforts. Here are the honorees: