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Green Line Transit highlights list of amazing projects in 2014

When Finance and Commerce News announced their 2014 Top Projects list, there were no shortages of Union built projects or projects of great notoriety. Of the top 28 projects, 25 were led by signatory Union contractors, topped by the $957 million Met Council Green Line project. Additionally Union workers and subcontractors performed work at the 3 other recognized projects.

We connect these cities


When we reflect on the completion of a really significant public project such as the new Union Built Green Line transit project, we truly understand that it is all about connecting people. The Minnesota Laborers Union and highly regarded Union contractors are proud to have helped deliver on this public opportunity that will connect people and their services more efficiently between two of the greatest cities in the world.

Your Green Line commute by the numbers


The Central Corridor Light Rail Transit Project, also known as the Green Line, is an impressive construction project in its own right. Built by the hands of Union Labor, the project is already leveraging over $2billion in privately funded development along the line.

Build your community. Build your future.


The Minnesota Laborers Union, the diverse workforce creator, as one of several Union construction trade organizations knows that the future of the construction industry lies in you, the next generation construction career worker.

The storm before the calm


With the closure of over 3 years of construction, there were no serious injuries or fatalities relating to the construction of the Green Line project, despite millions of work hours.

Your commute just got greener


When it comes to ‘green construction’ nobody does it better than Union Contractors and Skilled construction craft Laborers Union members.